Too many people are living with chronic stress, it’s often so normal they’re not even aware that they have a problem. Living constantly with the sympathetic nervous system activated (fight or flight response) puts a strain on your body and makes it harder to think clearly as your body is ready to run from the proverbial tiger.

Many people wait until they crash, are totally burnt out, exhausted or ill and forced to stop before putting their health first, they feel they can’t stop and take a break so eventually, their body says no more and takes action forcing them to listen, don’t let this be your story. Yvonne is passionate about sharing ways for you to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing through EFT Tapping a great technique you can use anywhere to calm your sympathetic nervous system when it’s not beneficial to have that fight or flight response.

EFT Tapping With Yvonne Davey-Croft is a great way to explore and release your stress, not the good stress that helps you meet the deadlines but all those little stress responses that can grow into an ugly monster if left to fester unacknowledged. These stresses can be simple disagreements, not feeling appreciated, feeling pulled in too many directions, stressful work commutes, feelings of overwhelm are a sure sign you haven’t kept on top of your stress load and need to take action now, it’s much better to have a regular emotional service than wait until overwhelm is knocking on your door.

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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) gently releases stress, negative emotions and emotional triggers. Yvonne trained with Karl Dawson one of the few Founding EFT Masters trained by Gary Craig.

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EFT Testimonial October 2017

‘I worked with Yvonne earlier this year with her EFT treatment, to hopefully work through a few challenges and lay a few demons to rest. I found the therapy to be gentle, calm and Yvonne to be totally professional in her approach. Sometimes peeling back a few layers at a time on issues we get stuck with is a very good method, thank you so much, Yvonne.’ –  PM

4th March 2017 · Emotional Freedom Techniques Testimonial 

I met Yvonne when I was really struggling through some tough times. Yvonne’s treatment really helped me to unlock my emotions and take control of them. I am so grateful. I also love the down-to-earth relaxed approach. Yvonne made me feel completely comfortable during a time that I was feeling highly stressed and embarrassed about my life. Keep up the fab work Yvonne, JP Suffolk

Testimonial for Yvonne – September 2017

I genuinely feel blessed to have Yvonne as my EFT practitioner. Yvonne is the real deal. So very easy to get on with. Completely professional whilst also gentle, kind and really inspiring with her lovely fun personality. Yvonne is so tuned in to working with her client’s energy feelings and emotions and as a result, I find safe and comfortable to gently work through the most painful emotions. Yvonne guides you through each stage of healing so lovingly and carefully. I have complete trust in her and her abilities. She is a rare find a treasure of a therapist. You will be in very good hands to let go.

Corinne Loveday – Shropshire UK